2013 – Ultimate Ascent

2013 – Ultimate Ascent Announcement Date: 10 June, 2013

Ultimate Ascent

Ultimate Ascent was the 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition game. Teams of three robots each collect Frisbees and shoot them into goals of varying heights. There is also a pyramid which can be climbed at the end of the match for bonus points.


Our 2013 World Champion robot ‘Taz’ was all about accuracy. Equipped with a curved track shooter, variable shooting angle adjustments, and pneumatically actuated hard stops to line up, Taz rarely missed the mark. Running on a 6-CIM drivetrain built for acceleration, Taz was able to weave through defenders with ease and achieve incredibly fast cycle times.


  • 2013 FIRST Championship – Winner
  • 2013 Galileo Division – Division Winner
  • 2013 Waterloo Regional – Regional Finalists
  • 2013 Waterloo Regional – Motorola Quality Award
  • 2013 BAE Granite State Regional – Regional Winner
  • 2013 BAE Granite State Regional – Excellence in Engineering Award
  • 2013 RaChaCha Ruckus – “Henchmen” Tournaments Finalists
  • 2013 RaChaCha Ruckus – “Slasher” Best Offensive Robot

Watch the release video for our 2013 robot: Taz!